June 2, 2012

operation farmgirl

i've been feeling very cosmopolitan lately with all my travels. last saturday i managed to have breakfast in san francisco, lunch somewhere over kansas, dinner in virginia before finally landing in burlington late at night. even though traveling comes with its various challenges i'm glad i returned to vermont for a few days. i found i remembered many things (the walk to edmunds elementary, old gold thrift shop, main street) despite the fact that i last visited about 13 years ago. it was nice to be part of the progressive community that is burlington, where people seem to do the right thing just because it's the right thing to do. there is life outside of the bay area.

i was able to spend a couple of days relaxing, walking down to lake champlain, browsing church street, lounging in the hammock, and enjoying a quiet day up at camp. it was wonderful really, complete with a major all-out, drag-down thunderstorm. i also managed to get down and wander around the the intervale, which i remember as being a small community farm but it has since grown to support many different food and plant ventures. viva vermont, i'll be back soon!

metcalf pond on a beautiful memorial day

homegrown flowers
poppies down at the intervale

lake champlain boathouse
and then newark, beware of buying amtrak tickets through united airlines, both sides seem ignorant of the others' policies.

and finally, turning roots farm! stay tuned for weekly updates on what's in season. friday we harvested baby salad greens and radishes. the lansdowne farmer's market and csa pick-up program have just started so there's plenty to do down on the farm. also adjusting to living in a somewhat ancient farmhouse, come visit y'all! 


Lee De Cola said...

F. says i've been to the 'camp' but i don't remember...large enough for my boat?

Lee De Cola said...

do some sketches (in dirt)...

melanie said...

i'm sketching beetles, in pen. and yes, very kayakable.